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The coaching app for company-wide coaching

Classic 1:1 individual coaching is an effective means of personal development. However, many companies can only offer one-on-one coaching to a limited number of employees. The onesome Coaching App now makes it possible for the first time to integrate all employees quickly and cost-effectively into a company-wide coaching process.

An extract of our customers:

Growing need for personal development approaches

Companies in transition

Digitization, New Work, new business models – nowadays all companies face the challenge of keeping up with full-scale economic and social change.

Pressure to adapt also within the company

Pressure to adapt forces companies to reposition themselves and their offerings in a changing market environment. It also means repositioning the company in the eyes of its employees in order to promote their active participation in the change process as well as to remain attractive as an employer in the future.

The need for concrete measures

The need for concrete measures to support and loyalize employees is greater than ever. The limited scope of offerings such as one-to-one coaching, virtual coaching and hybrid solutions available falls short in this regard, and instead what is needed is new, easily scalable solutions that can impact the entire company.
Female leader overcomes challenges with her team with a focused eye

Difference to classic 1:1 individual coaching

Do you have any questions?
Then talk to us!

Do you have any questions?
Then talk to us!

Photo of the onesome account manager Joschka Zierke
Red bubble with onesome customer contact Joschka Zierke

Call us

At +49 (0) 89 357 689 40.
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00 o´clock

Write an email

Email us with any questions, suggestions or comments. We usually reply within 24 hours.

Call us

At +49 (0) 89 357 689 40.
Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00 o´clock

Write an email

Email us with any questions, suggestions or comments. We usually reply within 24 hours.

What our customers say

Photo Michaela Kessner, Director of Learning and Development, Mediaplus Group Alexander Stauber, Head of Talentmanagement, Serviceplan Group

„In the area of personnel development, we are always on the lookout for innovative approaches and methods. This is how we became aware of onesome, and in the summer of 2021, we tested the overall offering of the coaching app with around 30 young leaders from various sectors.

At the beginning of 2022, another group of users started. The community comes together virtually on a regular basis and receives motivational impulses based on positive psychology. The employees in the company learn with and from each other and are supported in their development.

We really appreciate the innovative approach of the onesome Coaching App and see it as an excellent addition to our PE measures and enrichment of our corporate culture.”

Michaela Kessner, Director of Learning and Development, Mediaplus Group
Alexander Stauber, Head of Talentmanagement, Serviceplan Group

Customer photo of Kerstin Götz CEO and Philip Pecher CCO of troi

“For us, onesome means the next logical step for troi in the area of lived appreciation and teambuilding. Especially in the last two years, much of the personal exchange has fallen by the wayside, which we want to counteract with coaching.

We believe that personal and professional development are inextricably intertwined and that a common goal to be achieved requires both the strengthening of professional skills, but equally the development of personality.

Here, the unique digital concept of onesome, coupled with the founders’ years of experience, offers us an ideal starting point for troi’s further development.”

Kerstin Götz, CEO and Philip Pecher, COO, troi

Customer photo of Monika Dalock Complex Human Resources Manager at Marriot

“We are going through very challenging times in the hotel industry. This makes it all the more important to place the individual at the center of our actions. Especially in times of strong external uncertainty and dynamism, we want to support our employees in meeting the challenges with inner security.

This was the starting point for the collaboration with onesome, which has since proven to be a great success. As a first step, we started using onesome in upper and middle management. Middle management in particular includes many young executives, whom we would like to focus on supporting during the transition and orientation phase.

Continuous self-reflection increases everyone’s ability to speak and gives our managers the opportunity to work on identified development areas in a targeted manner. In addition, we observe that the regular exchange formats that onesome provides us with feeds into the lived culture at our company and raises the relationships between employees to another level.”

Monika Dalock, Complex Director of Human Resources, The Westin Grand München

Customer photo of Isabella Henn Head of Banking Services Basler Kantonalbank

“Coaching is one of the most powerful levers in developing people. I have personally experienced this so many times myself. That’s why I’ve been looking for solutions on how to offer this experience to as many of my employees as possible. With onesome I have found an approach that makes this possible and promotes personality development in many ways.

On the one hand, digital competence is strengthened, which is a key success factor for me personally. And secondly, onesome offers coaching in your pocket, which means anytime, anywhere.

Whenever you feel ready, you can start the journey to know yourself better, to deal with yourself and to work on yourself constantly.”

Isabell Henn, Head of Banking Services, Basler Kantonalbank

Customer photo by Jürgen Reichenbach r+v

“Our onesome journey began with a small group of testers. The positive feedback from the participants has prompted me to offer onesome to the entire field. Especially now, in times of great upheaval and uncertainty, I as a manager want to strengthen inner security, cohesion and the relationship with and between my employees.

The use of onesome offers the opportunity for a mindful approach to ourselves and our fellow human beings and can thus contribute to a harmonious working environment. This is a key success factor, especially in times of high workload.”

Jürgen Reichenbach, Head of Finance Controlling, R+V Lebensversicherung AG

onesome testimonial Reza aquilliance

“We offer onesome to everyone on the aquilliance team because we want to keep growing and getting better as individuals and as a company. This sustainably improves communication and collaboration, especially in times of remote work.
onesome supports us very competently and with an innovative app on this journey.”

Reza Ghalamkarizadeh, Managing Director, aquilliance GmbH

„We use onesome in our talent program. We give our talents the opportunity to orient themselves personally by finding out who they are and where they want to go.

onesome is a complete success! The insights gained from the self-coaching process – about one’s own needs, abilities and goals – lead to an even more intensive exchange in the group and strengthen the Talents’ self-confidence and self-assurance. Our talents are thrilled and so are we.“

Sarah Eisenträger, Sales processes and qualification UK & Armin Freundl, Leadership – Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Customer photo from Julia Löw Vicampo

“At VICAMPO, we want to continuously develop our human resources development area and optimize it with tools as needed. We are convinced that our corporate culture is shaped by each individual at VICAMPO, which is why the focus for continuous development is our employees.

With onesome, we can give all employees an optimal opportunity for personal development, so that everyone at VICAMPO can deal with their own person through targeted self-reflection in order to achieve personal growth.

Durch onesome wird es allen ermöglicht, ortsunabhängig und mit der eigenen Geschwindigkeit gezieltes Coaching flexibel einzusetzen. We look forward to continuing our journey together with onesome!”

Julia Löw, Human Resources, Vicampo

“As part of our talent programs in our stores and at headquarters, we were looking for a way to support our employees in their personal development in addition to professional personnel development measures.

With onesome, we see a great opportunity for our employees to accept constant change with reflection and self-confidence and to actively shape it. The onesome concept of combining individual self-reflection with peer coaching has already had a noticeable impact on the way we work together and promotes increased networking between colleagues at headquarters and in our stores.

Self-determined and independent of place, space and time, our talents can take their personal development into their own hands with onesome, which will be an essential aspect of future personnel development for us.”

Antonia Sailer, Section HR / People Development, SportScheck