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Personal development as a continuous process.

Just like your personal development, onesome is an ongoing process. This journey is about perceiving your current situation, recognising your abilities and areas for improvement, and developing towards your objectives. This is supported by the structure of the app:

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Journeys are worlds in which you can experience a wide variety of adventures and get to know yourself. On each journey, you will encounter a specific theme to develop your personality.

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Each journey is divided into sessions. These provide the clarity you require allow you to visualise your progress.

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Different types of questions enable you to go in depth and to reflect.

onesome for all situations

You can use onesome according to your individual needs. onesome supports you on different occasions in different areas of life.

In the private sphere, onesome could support you in overcoming fears of commitment or failure and in coping better with debilitating conflicts. Through guided self-coaching you strengthen your self-awareness and personal responsibility and ultimately know exactly what you need to do to feel good.

On a professional level, onesome helps you to discover and position yourself appropriately. This is relevant both when changing jobs as well as to identify and achieve your role within your existing team or company.
onesome accompanies you in the successful transition to a leadership role and promotes your leadership skills by improving how to act on feedback and communication skills. You built confidence in your own leadership role and learn to adopt the right attitude as a leader.

This nourishes a healthy work-life balance and can help prevent burnout or boredom. onesome supports you to improve your motivation for work and developing joy in your job.